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How to Pretend You Are Actually a Content Writer

Four months into the pandemic and you’re still looking for a viable way to earn online. Then somebody told you, “You write well, anyway, why not become a content writer? I heard it’s a good stepping stone if you want to work online.

So you read, read, read everything you can on content writing until your mind just can’t seem to take it anymore. But based on experience, reading alone cannot magically transform you into a content writer. How about pretending you’re one, just for fun?

Ready? Then put on your imaginary writer’s cap and play pretend!


Get out of bed and make yourself a cup of coffee. Or tea. Or anything that can pep up that brain that’s still tired from all the writing you did last night – or until the wee hours of the morning. Don’t forget to freshen up before turning your PC on. And put on something decent. You’ll never know when a client suddenly calls you via Zoom – with the video on.

Check your calendar. OMG! So the deadline for the 3,000-word long-form content is tomorrow? Sigh. You’re still 1,500 words short! And you still need to write a 1,000-word blog post for another client today. It’s going to be a busy, busy day indeed.

Turn the PC on. Ah, the 1,000-word article. You need to get it done this morning. Good thing you already have it planned and outlined. Done with the research too. So you pound on your keyboard. Thirty minutes. One hour. You stand up to stretch and grab a sandwich.

Back to work. Another hour. Hmmm, the blog post is looking good. But you still need to edit and revise it. After all, you’re getting paid premium for every piece of content you create. You read it out loud. Dissatisfied, you record it and play it back. Are you making sense? Did you use transitions? The tense is wrong in this sentence. A few typos there. Ahhh, done!

It’s lunchtime. You eat your lunch while checking your FB. Hey, it’s not only to see what’s happening with family and friends, ok? It’s also to keep abreast with the news! Oh, there’s a new Netflix movie – might as well check it out. Nice one! You check your watch. Where has the time gone? 

Content Writer

Naptime. Yes, you have to rest even for thirty minutes. Those overworked neurons need to recuperate.

Your alarm rings. You gingerly get back to work. You still want to sleep, but you need to submit that 1K blog and finish the 3K long-form content. You take a good look at the blog one last time to check for errors. None. You open your email and send it.

Then you see a couple of emails from Calendly – two prospects have scheduled a call for tomorrow! Yes!

With renewed energy, you get back to writing the remaining 1,500 words of the long-form content. Two hours. Four hours. Six hours. Just a hundred words left to complete!

Done. You send it to your client.


It’s dinnertime. Again, you eat at your desk while doing some research for your scheduled calls tomorrow. Hmm, one prospect’s website has no blog and no SEO done yet. You check his social media. As you guessed, his pages don’t have anything significant. Ah, lot of work to be done there.

The other’s website looks promising – good content, good SEO, but social media posts suck – big time.

Bedtime. You’re supposed to sleep, yet your mind can’t seem to stop working. You read an ebook. Sleep is still elusive. You listen to soft music to take you to dreamland. Just when you’re about to sleep, your phone rings. It’s your client for the long-form content. He wants you to revise it ASAP.


Tired of pretending?

This is the reality for some content writers. Always on the edge. Always trying to beat deadlines.

I know. I used to live that life too. Believe me, I suffered from over-fatigue every other week. I didn’t have time for the family. All I did was write, write, write. And even during vacations, I brought my laptop with me. Deadlines, remember?

It wasn’t the freelance life I envisioned. I was tied to my work. I barely had time for the ones I love and for the things I hold dear.

I knew I had to do something about it. I joined a tribe where I learned how to charge premium rates. But the fact still remained – I was still a slow writer.

I reviewed my writing process. Where did I get stuck? What’s wrong with my technique?

I documented everything I did. That’s when I found out what I was doing wrong.

Then I tweaked my process. I tested it several times over. It cut my writing time in half without compromising the quality of my piece. What used to take me four hours to complete now only takes two to two and a half hours.

Interested to learn how I do it?

Enroll in The Ben Button Lab Content Writing Course. In it, you’ll learn how to do it my way – faster and more effectively, allowing you to reclaim your life – the way I did.


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